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Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Pet Chameleon - Rango

I have a pet chameleon, I found it lonely in a Bell flower tree [Gudhal] at my home. It was cold and it was not moving from its place for 3 days, so I fed him some grasshoppers and brought it to my studio apartment. I have named it RANGO, inspired by an animated film.

The chameleon is interesting animals, it changes color. Rango is young, and can adopt few colors only. I have seen it in Yellow, shiny green, algae green, Black tiger strips. etc.

Rango feeds on grasshoppers, mostly 2-3 a day. If he does not feel like eating then he will just be lazy and sleep around. 

 I have a terrace garden in my apartment. But Rango keep searching for cooler places where he can chill and hide without disturbance.

Rango loves electronic, computers, Phones. 

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Intro Video

Do you have a Youtube Channel? It is very necessary to have customization of your video so it looks more professional and attractive. It is must have a custom Background for your channel. The second thing I recommend is to have a cool intro at starting of videos.
I have learned some Maya and aftereffect techniques and this helps me design Intro videos. I have designed Intro video for some of the websites which have YouTube Channels [I designed their Logo too]. Check out some of my made Intro videos below:

TabletPhoneX is a blog on Phones and Tablets and they regularly publish new Hands on review on their YouTube channel. I designed the Intro video to make it simple and clear to understand.

I have recently designed Logo and Intro video for Hatchflux. The concept with simple and interesting as provided by client.

Slashsqare is a Blog network owned by famous Pradeep Kumar who blogs on Hellboundblogger and Moviesdrop. I have designed the intro video of the network to be used on a webminar

You can check out more of Intro video and other animation on my youtube channel. 

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Logo Design

I started doing Logo design when I learned Photoshop and Illustrator. I have worked out some basic Logo, Facebook cover and Twitter background design of my own. 
I designed some Logo for my friends as well. You can see some samples below: 
HatchFlux is a Blog on Tech News and science 
Webisquare is a blog on web tuts and guides
MyMagicMix is a lifestyle and health Blog
Getawayskerala - Its a travel Blog 

Right now, I am charging for Logo design. Basic design starts from $50. It changes as per design and company value. You can contact me any time to discuss design or any other requirement. 

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